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Could you do a podcast?

A podcast is a great way to share insights about your sector...whether you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field or you’d just like to share your thoughts about your sector, consider starting a podcast.

Pick the right domain name

Pick the right domain name

Do you need a descriptive domain name or a branded domain name?

Information architecture

Information architecture

A website with good architecture will take you to exciting places

Do your clients want an online course

Do your clients want an online course?

Put a professional-looking course on your website quickly and easily

Be a picture research ninja

Be a picture research ninja

Efficient picture research saves time and gets results that look great

Do you know these 8 productivity hacks

Do you know these 8 productivity hacks?

Better results for less effort with more productivity

Scheduled content is strong content

Scheduled content is strong content

Keep your social media and website fuelled with a content schedule

What are the benefits of a great-looking website

What are the benefits of a great-looking website?

We have in-house web design specialists at Eonic because we understand how important website appearance is and how it relates to ease-of-use.

Top 10 tech-related business ideas

Top 10 tech-related business ideas

There are many ideas for technology-related   businesses out there that allow entrepreneurs with some tech-savvy to put their experience into building successful new companies.

ProteanCMS sees its latest upgrade

ProteanCMS sees its latest upgrade

The team at Eonic are proud to announce the latest release of the ProteanCMS platform, with some exciting new features and improved performance.

5G update

5G update

Sounds great on paper...if you're in an area that's got coverage, AND a device that can handle it...

Top 20 Windows 10 shortcuts you perhaps didnt know about

Top 20 Windows 10 shortcuts you [perhaps] didn't know about...

Okay, so we all know Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (or should do), but what about these other nifty keyboard 'hacks'...

Good morning sirmadam how are you today

"Good morning sir/madam, how are you today...?"

We've all heard this immortal line...and put your hand up who's heart sinks a little as you deliberate how best to rid yourself of the 'annoyance' on the other end of the phone? Hold that thought, the UX/CX could just be about to get a whole lot better for everyone in the CRM equation...building brand loyalty in the process.

Social media regulationone law to rule them all

Social media law to rule them all?

Social media is a powerful tool...especially in the wrong hands. But enough about @RealDonaldTrump's Twitter feed...

20 predictions around the impact of 5G

20 predictions around the impact of 5G

Most of us have heard the buzz over 5G, but what will it really mean to everyone when we finally get this super-fast wireless broadband technology?

Facebooks dedicated gaming tab - hit or miss

Facebook's dedicated gaming tab - hit or miss?

Over the past few years, Facebook’s modus operandi has involved trying to expand its territory which involves 'borrowing' some of the features that are being offered by its competitors.

4 LinkedIn video marketing trends you NEED to be aware of

4 LinkedIn video marketing trends you NEED to be aware of

Have you noticed how much more prevalent video has become on LinkedIn? That’s no fluke. Throughout 2018, LinkedIn ushered in a suite of changes that made video content a first-class citizen. From its video advertising rollout to the ability to upload videos natively to company pages, it’s obvious that LinkedIn was really pushing and rewarding B2B video content on their platform.

20 Content Ideas for the Social Media Savvy Business of 2019

20 Content Ideas for the Social Media Savvy Business of 2019

So, your business already has an active social media presence, you’ve got a well-researched strategy and you’re pretty savvy when it comes to marketing your organisation across social networks. Then what next...?

Sending Email to Office 365 with Powershell

Sending Email to Office 365 with Powershell

Any decent server administrator will have a bunch of Powershell scripts automating tasks on your server.

We have tasks to delete historic database backups and delete historic website log files and the like.

Rise of the RoBots

Rise of the [Ro]Bots

To spread misinformation like wildfire, bots will strike a match on social media and then urge REAL people to fan the flames...and boy, were they fanned to dramatic effect only quite recently...


"AI, AI...oh!"

We think Old McDonald - and his farm-hands for that matter - might have surprised us with many uses for artificial intelligence (AI)...people have been dreaming up various applications for decades. But the reality of what it’s accomplishing is changing both our present and future.

Mobiles making video marketing more important than ever

Mobiles; making video marketing more important than ever

With a well-rounded marketing strategy, you can reach potential customers through a variety of mediums — video included. But, the sheer number of mobile devices means you should pay even more attention to video marketing. We discuss why...

Want to improve employee retention Try implementing a Learning Management System

Want to improve employee retention? Try implementing a Learning Management System.

As a business owner, it’s easy to understand the benefits of improved employee retention. Actually knowing how to do it is another matter.

The Next Mobile Economy is not the NME

The Next Mobile Economy is not the NME

I've been mulling for some time what demands business leaders face from the Next Mobile Economy, or NME – ‘enemy’...did you see what I did there?!

Talking the same language

Talking the same language...

I question whether language barriers actually exist these days...

Medway B2B Expo 2018

Medway B2B Expo 2018

Come and visit us on Stand 107

Eonic strengthen team as Steve Cooper joins crew

Eonic strengthen team as Steve Cooper joins crew

In line with their continuing growth, Kent-based web strategists Eonic, have appointed Steve Cooper to their senior management team as Business Development Director.

Time for the cobblers to get new shoes

Time for the cobblers to get new shoes...

Kent-based web agency Eonic, have announced a complete re-brand in line with their business strategy, as well as an all new website.

Sales call scripts

Sales call scripts

Hint:  Before dialing, think through the different ways your conversation could branch.

Insights into FAQs

Insights into FAQs

Why should I have FAQs on my website?

Email newsletters

Email newsletters

Four reasons why your organisation needs a newsletter

Are You a B2B or B2C SMB

Are You a B2B or B2C SMB?

Is it the era of texting that has brought about the new love for abbreviations?

Content audit

Content audit

Why should I audit my website?

Get the best from backlinks

Get the best from backlinks

How do backlinks improve my search engine ranking?


Re-use, recycle and relax

Making your content work harder means you can save time, effort and money


Who are your ideal clients?

Your avatar is a valuable team member – do you know who they are?

Get your people talking

Get your people talking

Six types of website content that will give your organisation a human face


Is your 2018 in focus ?

Happy New Year, the start of a new year is always a good time re-focus and review your strategy and goals.


Seven steps to polished, professional content

Poor spelling and clumsy phrasing in your website copy at best give the same impression as a jam stain on your jacket, and at worst could drive away your potential clients. There is only one protection: editing.


Use the news - 5 tips for creating authoritative news content

Skimming the news each morning is a habit that many of us have, and you may even think of it as a time sink. However, the stories about your industry that are of interest to you will be of interest to your clients, too.


New brand and website for FMCG recruitment specialist

Learn how the team at Eonic worked with Vertex to develop a entirely new brand and marketing approach tailored specifically to their market sector.


Medway B2B Expo 2017

Join Eonic on Stand 118


The Business Show 2017 - Great Success

The Eonic team had a stand at The Business Show at the Excel Centre in London this week. As part of the programme Trevor Spink our Managing Partner hosted a seminar session on the 10 Steps to Achieve Website success.


Visit Eonic at the Business Show 2017

Come and find us Stand No: 3114 and find out how we can ensure your ideas take flight


Essential Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Website

Website Success Consultant Trevor Spink has over 20 years experience building successful websites. In this quick easy to read article he offers an essential check list to ensure your website is ready for winning new business this spring.


Mobile Web Design

Last year, mobile web browsing overtook desktop use for the first time. By December, mobile users accounted for  50.25%*  of the market share compared with desktops  44.74%*.


How to achieve website success - Where to start

Nowadays anyone can build a website – or so it seems? You only have to search online and you will find Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Wordpress, all claiming it’s easy to build your own website.

However, building a successful website that delivers measurable results is a different ball game altogether.


Top 5 Bad SEO practices - sure to kill your rankings!

Make amends and  stop   any of the bad practices that have fallen out of favour in the currently 'good' SEO parameters, set by Google and their latest algorithm’s.


EonicWeb5 Latest Release

The team at Eonic are proud to announce the latest release of our EonicWeb5 content management system. This latest release introduces more updates to keep the platform current and easy to use.


What your business can learn from Mossack Fonseca

This week we heard about perhaps the biggest data breach in history, that has toppled world leaders and thrown a huge spotlight on tax avoidance. Read on to find out how this might affect your business.


EonicWeb5 Reaches 100!

We have reached the 100th minor update of EonicWeb5. This means that our clients continue to see improvements to their website and the features available to them when they update their site.

This update launched today contains a number of improvements to our shopping cart system primarily to email customers about delivery and providing parcel tracking links. We have also added a tool to allow page re-directs to be managed with the CMS platform. Along well many other minor improvements.


Eonic are now Google AdWords Certified

Eonic customers benefit from years of research, development and best practice of SEO and online marketing. In addition we are are now Adwords Certified.


What Every Business Owner Should know

Responsive Design allows your website to respond to the device that is being viewed on.


Eonic Moves to Microsoft Azure

Eonic is proud to announce the completion of a full migration of our hosting environment to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Sean O’Connor – Web Performance Kickstart

Learn how Eonic designs a website for optimum web performance