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Use social media to maintain your networks

Ideas to maintain your connections with other organisations without meeting face-to-face


We love a bit of networking at Eonic: there’s nothing like getting out and meeting people with exciting projects. It's a real privilege to hear about someone’s passion, and even more of a thrill when you realise you can support them in some way.

But under lockdown conditions we’ve had to cut right back on face-to-face networking. That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped making those all-important connections, though. We’re focussing a bit more on social media as we tell people about our Kent website design services.

So what is the best practice when promoting your organisation via social media channels?

Pick the social media platform that suits your business

There are a lot of social media platforms out there: Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are three examples. We don't recommend trying to hit them all at once. Pick one and do it really well. To decide on a platform, think about where your customers, colleagues and competitors hang out. That’s where you want to be too.

Once you have one platform nailed, think about whether it’s worth your while adapting the same content to other platforms. Because, of course, content that works well on LinkedIn will need to be tweaked to make it appropriate for Insta.

Plan your social media activities

Before you launch into social media, step back and make a plan. For some people, their authentic self is a crucial part of their brand; but for others a more corporate approach is appropriate. As part of the Eonic web development service we explore your organisation’s personality and voice so we can get the tone of your website right. When you post on social, think about whether you are using your organisation’s voice, or your own voice.

A social media calendar is a really useful tool. It helps to plan your content so that when you sit down to create, you don’t have to pull something out of nothing. You will find some handy tips on content planning in our recent blogpost.

Planning will also save you time, and stop social media from becoming a time sink (it can be a bit addictive, unfortunately, so consider how much time you want to spend on it each week).

Address negative feedback about your business promptly and professionally

You are more likely to get negative feedback online than you are in person. So, make a plan for how you’re going to address it. A standard operating procedure might help here because it will give you a quick step-by-step list that you can work down without feeling defensive or angry. The basic elements of such a procedure might be:

  • address criticism quickly in a responsive and caring way
  • apologise publicly (if appropriate)
  • take the resolution of negative feedback to direct messaging.

A good aim is to resolve the situation with minimal drama and public spectacle so everyone can move on. If you can avoid ‘grabs popcorn’ comments on your social media pages, you’re doing well.

Less is more when promoting your services

On social media, remember that less is more. People get bored quickly of seeing the same content over and over again and will start to skim over it. So be reasonable, and be polite, to ensure that your posts don’t turn into boring wallpaper. It’s fine to recycle content (hopefully with a quick refresh) after a decent interval, of course, and this is an efficient use of your resources.

Engage with people

Remember that with social media you are engaging with actual people.

It is easy to slip into a habit of generating content without really thinking about where or how it lands, particularly if you are working to numerical targets (for example, number of posts made, or number of page views). To avoid this trap, address every piece of content to your ideal client. A client pen portrait or avatar can help with this, and it’s worth quickly re-reading your statement about their pains and gains every time you start work on content.

As well as creating with an audience in mind, think about what you want them to do in response to your content. Whether it’s a share, a call, a comment, make sure you tell them with a clear call to action. And guess what? We’ve got a blogpost about making a great call to action!

Networking on social media can be great fun, and you’ll be able to make contact with a wider, more diverse group of people than you would at a face-to-face event, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Need some help with networking on social media?

Eonic can help you refine your social media offering. As web developers based in west Kent we work with all kinds of content and design professionals, including social media experts. Give us a call on 01892 534 044 to talk through your needs.