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Free website updates for business recovery

Would a new website help your business recover from coronavirus? We can help you apply for a grant which could cover the cost.


No physical client meetings and less footfall in shops mean that a responsive website is a must in the current climate – whether you sell a tangible good or offer a service such as consultancy. If your website isn’t delivering for your business in the new climate, it might be time for an overhaul. Don’t let potential costs put you off, as thanks to a new government grant, a fast, responsive website could be well within your grasp – free of charge!Business recovery grant

In a recent announcement, the government has released a £20 million Coronavirus Recovery Grant scheme, available for small to medium businesses. The grant of £1,000 to £5,000 can be claimed to cover the costs of services relating directly to your business’ pandemic recovery – including services like a website overhaul.

Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government, Simon Clarke MP commented, “Small and medium sized businesses are the beating heart of communities; they provide employment and contribute significantly to local economies and we are determined to give them the support they need to continue to thrive.”

How a refreshed website could benefit your business

The first step to a successful and accessible online presence is a website that supports your business goals. Coronavirus has shifted all consumer groups even more online, so you need to make a positive first impression in the form of speedy loading times and a responsive landing page. In fact, your customers’ decision to purchase could be made within the first few moments of visiting your website, with statistics showing that the first five seconds of load time have the highest impact on conversions. A slow page-load means a low conversion rate – putting your business at a disadvantage.

A complete no-no is a website that isn’t mobile responsive, i.e. one that doesn’t scale automatically when someone accesses it on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. With more than half of all searches now conducted on a mobile device, a mobile-friendly website is a must if you don’t want to lose visitors at the first hurdle.

By accessing the grant option available to you and investing it in our services, a speedy, efficient, mobile-friendly website could be yours, creating a smooth journey for your online visitors to improve your conversion rates.

Investing in SEO to build on the move for buying local

You may have been getting involved in ‘shop local’ initiatives in your area as the emphasis on using independent businesses has grown during the coronavirus crisis. But what if you could encourage potential customers to shop locally for your products and services? An excellent tool to help your business be identified as local is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A legitimate reason for applying for a coronavirus recovery grant is therefore to employ experts to improve the SEO on your website, especially to make it easier for potential local customers to find you.

Helping you secure your grant

If you’re looking to apply for the business recovery grant, our team would be happy to assist you in your grant application. Our talented team of marketers and web designers are committed to providing you with a website that works for your business and collaborating with you every step of the way – including securing your grant.

A website that works is worth its weight in gold – but it can be challenging to find the time to identify what is and isn’t working. At Eonic, our team is well-versed in an array of skills that could bring your business the successful online presence it requires in this trying time. Don’t let SEO and responsive web design fall to the bottom of your agenda – especially when you could get it for free!