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Sales call scripts

Hint:  Before dialing, think through the different ways your conversation could branch.


Completely cold

Touch description : When you know they’re hiring a role for a pain you solve

Call script Hey {!FirstName}, {!YourName} at {!Company} here. Hope your day is going well!

I’ve had my eye on {!YourCompany} for a while as an awesome company, and I noticed that your team is hiring for a {!Department} role. It sounds like you guys have a need to {!Pain1}, {!Pain2}, and {!Pain3). I imagine that can get pretty frustrating.

That’s something I hear often. {!MyCompany} was built to alleviate all of these issues. We {!Action}, which {!Solution}. Does your team currently use any {type of solution}s?

Understood. Luckily, {!YourUniqueValue}. I know you’ve probably got a busy day but I’d love to book some time this week to have one of our consultants walk you through what we’ve done for other customers like {!WellKnownBrand1} and {!WellKnownBrand2}, {!GoalOfCall2}, and {!GoalOfCall3}.

Are you available {!Day1} or {!Day2} of this week?

Sounds perfect, {!FirstName}. I will book that now and send over an invite.

Note : If prospect interjects saying “I don’t have time,” explain why you’re calling/ your value in  one sentence   (try using social proof + metric from voicemail script). Then ask which day of the week (and after that, whether morning or afternoon) typically works best for to learn more about their situation and needs. (See “Hurdle That Roadblock” Template below).

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Prior history

Touch description : When you follow an earlier email with even more personalization

Call script Hi {!FirstName},

{!YourName} with {!YourCompany} here—wanted to quickly reach out and follow-up on the email I sent last week. Did you get a chance to take a look?

(Personalize what you say next to their answer.)

{!FirstName}, I noticed under your LinkedIn summary that you {!JobResponsibility} at {!YourCompany}, and it looks like from your Careers page that you’re scaling your team. Is that correct?

(Tailor conversation to response)

Note:  If prospect says he/she has read email and wasn’t interested, ask questions. Don’t jump to ending the call. You want to make sure not to push too much, but gather as much information as you can. Do this by gauging the tone of their answers and giving meaningful responses back (don’t just say “ok” then launch into another question).

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Hurdle that roadblock

Touch description : When your prospect defers committing by asking for an email

Call script Can we find a {!AmountOfTime} window next week to talk more?

[Prospect says to send email in order to get off the phone.]

Yeah that’s not a problem. What’s the best email to send that to?

[Prospect gives email address.]

Great, I’ll send you an email and include some possible times.  Just so I send over reasonable times, is there a day that works better for you?

[Prospect tells you day(s) that are most ideal.]

Typically, mornings or afternoons?

[Prospect chooses either morning or afternoon.]

Great. [You pick specific time on the day in either the morning or afternoon] {!Day} at {!Time} works for me. I’ll send you a calendar invite as a placeholder.

Note:  If prospect won’t budge on giving timing, saying no time is good right now, try asking  one   question about their biggest pain point (and ask for email address if you don’t already have it). Then tell them exactly what you’ll be sending over (NOT just a generic one-pager — personalize it to their specific need), and follow up by email, asking for condensed amount of time.

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BONUS: Voicemail script

Touch description : How to hook a voicemail with social proof and curiosity

Voicemail script Hey there!

{!YourName} from {{!YourCompany} here.

{!Personalization statement}.

You’re hearing from me today because it looks like your organization loves to {!ValueStatement}, and {!MyCompany} {!ActionThatAligns}.

We’re backed by awesome customers like {!WellknownBrand1}, {!WellKnownBrand2}, and {!WellKnownBrand3}. And these organizations typically see {!HardMetricResult} within {!Time} after implementing with us.

{!FirstName}, I would love to connect with you about your specific needs and what your resources currently look like. I also have a suggestion for how to {!endpicture}.

Give me a call back at {!Number} if it’s convenient for you, or feel free to reply to the email that I will be following up with.