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Mobiles; making video marketing more important than ever

With a well-rounded marketing strategy, you can reach potential customers through a variety of mediums — video included. But, the sheer number of mobile devices means you should pay even more attention to video marketing. We discuss why...


The 'Share Factor'

One of the best things for your SEO is to provide meaningful, helpful content that viewers will share. You ultimately want your videos to be seen far and wide because social media shares almost act as a stamp of approval, which boosts the search engine rank of your website.

When it comes to content, who is going to think twice about sharing an entertaining, informative, or heart-touching video? Moreover, many websites where you can post videos make it easy for viewers to share your posts with a swipe of a finger. By using major social sites like YouTube and Instagram (easily accessible on mobile), you’re making the discovery and share process infinitely quicker.

An infographic by Digital Insights showed that nearly one out of four Facebook users check their account more than five times a day, and 751 million users log onto Facebook with their mobile devices. On the whole, video really stands out visually in newsfeeds and it’s more likely you’ll catch your audience’s attention with a compelling splash screen on a mobile device versus using a text based asset that takes time to read and process.

An easier hook

Does a page that’s full of text make your eyes glaze over? Even if that page has tons of useful information, you might not give it a second glance if the overall look of the page overwhelms you. An embedded video, accompanied with other content, breaks up walls of text and intrigues viewers. True, images can work in a similar way, but they don’t capture curiosity like a video does.

When browsing the Internet on the four-inch screen of your smartphone, it’s way easier to watch a video than to read text. People simply love video and when it exists in lieu of something not as easy to view on mobile, viewers will hit that play button.

The prevalence of wi-fi

Some mobile users hesitate to watch videos on their devices because they don’t want to exceed their plan’s data limit and incur extra charges. However, free Wi-Fi is available in more and more public places, meaning that fewer and fewer people and small businesses will baulk at using their smartphones or tablets to view video content on the go.

Beating the boredom

When waiting somewhere in public you probably pull out a mobile device to help pass the time. Whether someone is waiting for a bus, for a movie to start, or simply trying to avoid making eye contact with that shifty-looking character on the other side of the room, he or she might just decide to see what new videos are available for their entertainment. Your brand can make use of this and create top-funnel content to draw people into your message.

Video marketing is an especially effective way to reach young people. Thanks to companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime, an increasing number of people are opting to access their favourite entertainment via their mobile device. Netflix alone has more than 29 million subscribers!

Smartphones are everywhere — and so is video marketing, so, take advantage of this effective way to reach out to people and ensure your video content is mobile friendly. Go on, "You know it makes sense, Rodney..."