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What are the benefits of a great-looking website?

We have in-house web design specialists at Eonic because we understand how important website appearance is and how it relates to ease-of-use.


Appearance is as important as functionality

We have in-house web design specialists at Eonic because we understand how important website appearance is and how it relates to ease-of-use.

A business’s website is the face it presents to the world. You might compare it to a shop front. How’s yours looking? Is it holding its own when placed next to others in the same marketplace? Do you get a little burst of pride when you think about your homepage? Or does your website make you feel a bit awkward? If you find yourself apologising when you refer people to it, it’s definitely time to freshen it up. As well as boosting your confidence, a really good-looking website can bring tangible benefits to your business.

Users do more of what you want on a visually appealing website

What do you want your potential clients to do on your website? Whatever your call-to-action, whether it’s buying something or calling for a quote, if your website looks good, users are more likely to do what you want them to do.

And they’re more likely to do it even if they have to jump through a few hoops, like signing up for your newsletter or sharing some data with you. This is down to a phenomenon known as the aesthetic-usability effect.

Here at Eonic, we aim for client delight at all levels (that is, we aim to delight you, and we aim to delight your clients who will be using your website). And of course, we take pride in building websites that are a pleasure to use, as well as a joy to look at.

Great web design boosts your credibility

Compare two service providers. One has a website built using a free template design. The other has a stylish, up-to-date website. Which one would you say has most confidence in their provision? Which is committed to what they are offering? Which of these has invested in the equipment they use, in their professional development and in the customer service they will offer you?

Of course there are plenty of excellent businesses using websites built from pre-designed templates. But a professionally designed website gives you a whole new level of credibility. If you’re aiming for a wealthier or more prestigious market, a well-designed website could open doors for you.

Great web design stays true to your branding values

You’ve put a lot of care into choosing your branding, but with an off-the-peg website you will have to compromise on colours, fonts, proportions and even on image choices. But when you work with a web developer, particularly one (like Eonic) which deploys a powerful content management system like our constantly evolving ProteanCMS, you don’t need to compromise. Your website follows your branding, not the other way around.

At Eonic our developers can deliver branding as part of our package, or we can work with what you have in place.

Are you ready to have a website that looks great and works like a dream?

Whether you’re improving your existing online presence or you want to start out with a website that will grow with your organisation, contact Eonic’s friendly team of Kent-based web designers.