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Eonic launches Eonic Elements


Building a website is supposedly easy nowadays with a myriad of online tools that will allow you to build your own site whilst only paying a smallish monthly fee.

The problem is most people don’t really know where to start, and whist a lot of these tools are quite good with pretty templates. They only look great… until you start entering your own pictures and content then things can go downhill pretty quickly, frustration ensues and you end up with a site you don’t really want to point people too, and doesn’t deliver you the new customers you need.

But hey running a business is a never-ending to-do list and you’ve ticked the website box so you can move on.. right?

But here’s the problem…

Your website forms the core of your digital strategy, we work with our clients to develop detailed digital marketing strategies that deliver real measurable results.

This strategy spans branding, social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest), your core messaging, content strategy, email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search, Social Campaigns, online reviews, directory listings, backlink management, Product Listing & Sales portals and new platforms and strategies coming online almost every week.

In the middle of all this sits your website which needs to convert all this activity into customers.

To start a website without an understanding of your digital strategy is setting yourself up for failure.

At Eonic we work with our full clients to fully understand and develop their digital strategy, prior to developing a detailed bespoke website that delivers on very defined business goals. This is a detailed process that is out of the reach of many smaller businesses.

However we have condensed this process down to the core “Elements” that will get the majority of smaller business up and running with a foundation digital strategy, to build on and delivers a starter websites that will evolve with your business.

This website is built on the same enterprise level content management system we use on our full projects, with all the built in flexibility to scale with your business add features and functionality when your business is ready to support it. It is really easy to login and update content, add new pages, create new page layouts and supports a whole range of often used content types out of the box, like news articles or blogs, events, team profiles, Google Maps, email forms and many more you can just add yourself when you are ready.

Your site will be responsive to work well on a range of mobile devices, SEO ready, Secure with an SSL certificate included, and it will be designed with a solid understanding of your digital strategy in mind and the results it needs to deliver.

If you are starting up a new business or have a website that is not quite hitting the spot head over to or pick up the phone to us on 01892 534044 and lets start a conversation.

Or if you have a friend who has a website that is letting them down, do them a favour and share this video.

Thanks for reading, we’re here to help you succeed…