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Influencer marketing

The art of persuasion...


Today, most businesses need to be part of the conversation in social media and this is especially true of brands, big or small. However, can brands be part of a conversation in which they are not directly participating ? The answer is a resounding "Yes!", through influencer marketing and Eonic can show you how.


Some folk are easily influenced...


Influencers, often Bloggers and Vloggers, and their associated marketing enables brands to cede at least partial control of their message while customers, advocates, online journalists, and others steer the story of the brand and its products and services.

As a consumer, most of us would be pleased to get a Twitter reply from any company we'd originally tweeted. Even though many companies have a broad reach on their own, some also leverage social media influencers to increase niche reach and/or to enhance authenticity. But this only works when marketeers align with suitable influencers and then determine how best to work together.

Eonic can identify influencers on your behalf, and partner with them to create 'Youtility' content (informing rather than promoting) that helps people make better decisions about their home, car, boat, motorcycle or anything else for that matter. But at the operational level, this creates a number of questions, starting with, “What influencers do you want to work with, and why?” We run a whole host of different queries when searching for suitable influencers, including:

  • Freshness: How recently had the blogger posted content? How frequently do they post?
  • Traffic: What is the blog’s traffic? How much audience has the influencer aggregated?
  • Social footprint: What are the opportunities to work with the influencer in social? Are they active on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest?
  • Fit: Does their content make sense for your audience and your overall brand vision?

Once we've identified potential influencers and agreed who they are with you, we work with them (directly if requested) to brainstorm and create content that all parties feel showcase the unique points of view and expertise of the influencers.

Measuring an active campaign

One of the big questions around influencer marketing at present is how to measure impact and effectiveness. Eonic build custom reports to help us monitor and evaluate success. We include five sections:

  • Influencer log - We record every influencer who is part of the campaign, the dates they are expected to contribute, and every social channel or website/blog link associated with them for tracking purposes
  • Content log - The nagging feeling that some tweet or blog post will go uncounted is avoided with a tracking system in place, be it manually recorded in a workbook or auto-saved through our advanced reporting software
  • Keywords - Most experiential campaigns or events have unique dedicated hashtags, but we adjust data and subsequent reports for spin-off hashtags that originate from the experience, as well as keywords for places or products used in the campaign
  • Reach and engagement - We measure the reach and impact of each blog post and use several tools to do the same for social media content
  • Equivalent media values: Marketeers are challenged to show ROI on all campaigns. Codifying and simplifying the influencer tracking process allows you to see the connections between initial goals and resulting outcomes all the way through a campaign. This enables real-time decisions to make the experience even more effective for the influencers and you.