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Support and hosting

We're here for you...


Eonic has a clear, client-driven, proactive approach to supporting our customers, along with a commitment to a hosting service and ability to execute that's second-to-none. We recognise that technology alone does not provide outstanding products and services. Smart, innovative, empowered people hold the keys to success for our clients and our company.


Fantastic supporters; great hosts...


Digital business is about delivering your best, every day. With professional support and management for your systems, everything works properly now and in the future - through new software releases, unpredictable traffic, changing technology and security standards, as well as evolving customer demands.

Eonic take this load off your in-house IT team; especially useful as digital business models speed up the technology life cycle. Our support and hosting options remove that stress and keep your software - and the environment and systems it runs on - up to date, fast, and secure. We even develop and roll out incremental software improvements over time.

Support and hosting

The low-risk way to release new applications and upgrade existing ones is to work with a single technology partner. Support and hosting from Eonic means that the same people who designed and built your solution are responsible for keeping it fresh, reliable, and compatible with new devices and software.

Maintenance and enhancements

We work hard to get the user experience right when we create new software. Left as it is, that experience will begin to date over time. Technology progresses, software ages, and performance and security can be affected...but not with Eonic. With ongoing software improvements from the team that developed your solution, users can call on expert help and request enhancements. Enhancements and fixes could be in response to:

  • Your feedback
  • Changes in related technology (like technical environments)
  • New security requirements.

We’ll also proactively deal with issues that can slow your systems down. You’ve invested in a quality, up-to-date solution; maintenance and enhancements keep it that way.

Managed services

Our professional team take full accountability for running your services and keep you informed with regular, transparent reporting.

Live monitoring

As your software solution runs, our team keeps an eye on it, 24/7. We spot and solve issues before they affect users, so you have less to worry about. Think of it as a constant health check.

Active online management

We completely manage the systems and applications that your digital business depends on, including operating systems and runtime environments (eg. Windows, SQL, .Net, Java). We take care of upgrades and changes, keep versions current, and make real-time fixes. Our managed services keep your software available, secure, fast, running, and patched.


We can also take care of hosting your digital solutions. This frees your IT team from provisioning and managing infrastructure. Eonic give you all the power, features and functionality of Microsoft Azure; MS's enterprise-grade cloud offering. All options are:

  • Secure
  • Fully managed by us
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Fully backed up, with optional hot standby disaster recovery