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CMS support

Robust, agile, secure...


We offer support for all aspects of your content management system (CMS), from fixing bugs, through rolling out security patches to providing greater functionality.  ProteanCMS is an advanced hosting platform that allows us to send updates, bug fixes and changes to your website in a flash. On a different CMS? WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? No problem...we support those and many more too.


Mods rock!


The modular ProteanCMS allows you to build pages using different pieces of content. Choose any module you want to appear on almost any page. Modules can be moved quickly and easily by using the drag 'n' drop feature, or to any other page on your website in just a few clicks. Use the locations feature to set the same piece of content to be located on multiple pages on your website and you'll only have to edit one of them for all of them to update.

The content management system is designed to give you the flexibility you need as a business whilst keeping it simple for almost anyone to use, and remember, you don't need to have any knowledge of coding to use ProteanCMS .

Generic module settings

Status  - Hide images, text and anything you want from the public, allowing you to create content without users seeing it until it's ready

Publish and expire  - Set content to automatically be published or hidden when you want them to be

Cascade to child pages  - Set content to cascade to child pages so that it automatically displays on all of the children of the current page

Box style  - Select from a list of preset box styles. They often include, but are not limited to, backgrounds, borders, font styles and shadows

Module links  - Link to another part of your site, or to a different site completely, at the bottom of any piece of content

Thumbnails  - Select any image and it will automatically be scaled down to a uniform size to keep your styling consistent

We love mods...

We've developed a whole host of off-the-shelf modules for you to use and we're creating more all the time. In fact, we've almost got too many modules to list these days, but here goes a starter-for-10...most of them should be self-explanatory.

Basic modules

Formatted text (add text to your site with a wide range of formatting options)
Image (embed an image in a page and edit the image options)
Flash movie (add a Flash movie to your site using any SWF or FLV file)
Video (embed a video, either from a local file, YouTube, or Vimeo)
Google Maps (add a Google Map to your page and choose from a wide range of display options)
Email form (add an email form to your site to allow users to contact you quickly and easily)
X Form
Formatted code
Image fader (display multiple images which are cycled through by fading between them at a specified rate)

List modules

News articles list
Event list
Product list
Product gallery
Tag list
Tag cloud
Contact list
Document list
Link list
Link list grid
Image gallery
Vacancies list
Testimonials list
Video list
Poll list
Feeds list
FAQ list
Recipe list
Recipe grid (grid of recipes)

Navigation modules

Subpage listing
Subpage grid
Subpage menu
Site map
Site map large