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Domain name registration

It's all in the name...


Eonic can manage all aspects of your domain names from purchase through domain name registration to DNS record management, as well as the transfer and sale of domains.


As easy as A, B, C...


Eonic take care of the whole domain name registration process for you...all you have to do is tell us the domain name you want. That's it! We'll let you know when it's all good to go.

Obviously, depending on if you're a new or existing customer of ours, then we require various pieces of information. After you've chosen a domain name, Eonic will need to submit the following information to the registrar:

  • The desired domain name
  • The name and contact information, including email address, physical address and contact telephone number for the domain's registrant, administrative and billing contacts. We can cover this and simply re-invoice you. 
  • The desired term length for the domain to be registered
  • Payment information

Once we  have provided the registrar with all this information, they will then initiate the domain name registration process for us. The registrar will send the domain name request, and the contact and technical information of the domain name to the registry.

The registrar files the contact information with Whois, as well as adding your domain zone files to the master servers. These master servers tell other servers on the internet where your website is stored. Your domain is considered registered and ready-to-use when all information has been updated.

Premium domain names

You may wish to take advantage of our premium domain names service. These are high value, popular names that have already been registered but are up for sale by the domain owner. With premium names you can:

  • Get short, memorable names - Register a catchy name that accurately defines your business and differentiates you from the crowd
  • Attract more traffic - Get well established names that boast an excellent page rank, making it easier for your customers to find you
  • Get great SEO potential - Invite type-in traffic with keyword-rich premium domains and boost your SEO ranking
  • Get better branding - Build a powerful brand that best describes your business - great for products, services, portals, blogs and more!

Multiple domain names

There are several reasons why you may wish to have multiple domain names and point them to a single website. Frequently, this is to ensure you own the 3 major international domain suffixes of your company's name, ".com", ".net" and ".org". Owning all the 3 suffixes is especially important if you want to develop your site using either the ".net" or ".org" extension, rather than the ".com" one. Many people, when typing in domain names, instinctively type a ".com" suffix instead of the other two, so if you don't want potential visitors going to the competition, you'll need to get all three and point them to your site.

If a domain name consists of a noun that has plural and singular forms, some webmasters also prefer to get both forms of the name in case their customers or visitors incorrectly remember their domain. Other reasons include covering the common spelling mistakes for that name. If you want to go down this route, we need to make you aware that the list of possible spelling errors and other variants for a name is pretty much endless! Sometimes, you just have to trust your visitors to be intelligent enough to realise that they've reached the wrong site. By all means let us register the key suffixes for your site; ".com", ".net" and ".org" forms, and if your domain name involves different spelling for different variants of English, perhaps those variants as well.

At the end of the day, it's your choice...Eonic will simply offer your business the benefit of our experience and leave the decision to you.