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Web Design Tunbridge Wells


Eonic produce great looking websites that perform superbly, but more importantly we work with you to develop a tailored digital marketing strategy for your business that'll deliver the customers you need to grow.


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Web Design Tunbridge Wells

What can an excellent web site do for my business?


increase your return on investment


we can work with you to ensure the website is attracting targeted customers


increase your search-engine rankings


drive potential customers locally from Tunbridge Wells or further afield


present your products or services


appeal to all the different potential clients you want to work with


reduce your admin burden


by answering questions before clients ask them


share information about your sector


both here in Tunbridge Wells, across Kent and around the world


collect data about your customers


all websites come installed with Google Analytics and other tools to gain important conversion or lead data 


boosts sales


our in-house marketing team can help increase customers & sales


showcase your business


and your participation in your sector and in the Tunbridge Wells business community


Whether you provide local services in Tunbridge Wells or a larger organisation with global ambitions, Eonic can help you to build the best possible website. So if you need a truly great bespoke website for your business in Tunbridge Wells ,
contact Eonic today and find out how we can help.

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lines open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm


How does Eonic create my website?


Creating a bespoke website takes a bit of time and effort, but our Tunbridge Wells based web designers and developers will guide you through each step and do all the heavy lifting while empowering you to do the bits that you are best at.

Webdesign Discovery

Discovery & Web Strategy


The first step is the discovery consultation. This is where we find out all about your business and the ideas you have about what you need from your website.

Our discovery process allows us to get to the heart of what you need your website to do. And as part of that, we get to know your clients. We aim to build websites that allow users to understand intuitively what they need to do to achieve the reason for their visit - be it a purchase or an enquiry or simply finding a piece of information.

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One of our account managers will talk you through the process before we design your website. It takes a little while, but it's important to us that your website is a perfect fit. So we ask you a lot of questions and capture the answers.

We want to know about the clients you have, the clients you want and even the clients you don't want! This all helps us to find out what makes your customers tick. Being a Tunbridge Wells based web studio, we understand the regional business ecosystem, but we also know that you are the real experts when it comes to pitching your organisation.

We want to know what other people in your sector are up to with their websites - and which ones you rate and which ones you don't. This helps us design a website that will make you both stand out and fit in among the other organisations in your sector.

The discovery is a really important document: it informs everything from the way we use your branding to the way we organise your menus, to the visuals we pick out, to the content we put together for you.

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An Eonic website is organised so that it meets your needs now and in the future. We know that the websites we build are investments for our clients, and so they need to be sustainable. Your website should grow with your business and flex to meet your needs as your market changes. A crucial component in this flexibility is good architecture - so right at the start we build  a wireframe site.

The wireframe is sometimes called  screen blueprints  or page schematics . Wireframes are like the architect's plans in a building project. In fact, the skillset that supports this work is sometimes called information architecture .  We use wireframes to give you a taste of what your website will be like before the creative phase begins. It allows you to explore the site and to think about content on the page and function of features separate from the look of the site.

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Once you've approved the wireframes, it's time to apply the branding and design visuals. This is the colours, fonts and style of page. It also incorporates the spacing and proportions of elements. Eonic's  design team  can do your branding, or we can work with the branding you already have.

And finally, the content. You can generate this yourself, or you can draw on one of our content creators for this service. Whether you want written words, pictures or video, we've got an expert who can help.

We use proven content management strategies to organise your site, so the experience of visiting makes your clients feel both confident and enthusiastic about your product or service.

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Web Design

Web Design


Website design isn't just about looking pretty or edgy. It also reinforces your brand, expresses who you are as a company and creates a connection with your audience. And really great design guides a user through the site, drawing attention to the elements you most want them to see. It also helps them to fulfil whatever tasks they have in mind. And it makes them more willing to respond to your calls to action.

We can work with branding and style guidelines that you already have, or we can put together a branding package that will give you a fresh, new identity.


Website Build


At the build stage  everything comes together. Once the build is complete, you will have a functioning website to explore and test. This is the stage where we take feedback from you and adjust the website accordingly.

At this stage you will have a chance to explore your customers' experience of your website's functionality. This includes:

And if you need something else that isn't on the list,  get in touch  for a chat. We can build bespoke code  for whatever you need.

Tunbridge Wells Web Design
Website testing Tunbridge Wells

Website Testing


Before going live we test each site to make sure all the responsive elements  are working on mobile platforms. Our testing team will ensure that the design, images and content function correctly across all devices and platforms, too. We will walk through all the most important client tasks, such as getting a quote, making an enquiry, finding a specific piece of information or purchasing an item.

At Eonic we like to be thorough in our testing. So we check your website on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. And we test it on the most commonly used browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. We also test our website builds on multiple platforms, including Mac, PC, Android and IOS.

So when we hand you the keys of your new website you can be confident that everything is running smoothly and that it gives your clients the best possible impression of your organisation.