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Web development

We're architects and builders...


...dealing in clicks, bricks and mortar. Behind every online presence are real people with real businesses that have real aspirations for their organisation. Eonic turn those visions into reality ...


The future is now...


At Eonic, we develop sites that are as future-proof as possible, incorporating:

  • Fast page load times - No one wants to wait (long) for a site to load, so we design them with prompt loading times for all users on all devices, even the ones with slower internet connections. We regularly use Insights by Google to check your website speed and see how we can further improve it.
  • Mobile readiness - Virtually everyone uses smart devices on a daily basis. We create an engaging, mobile-friendly design that your audience can access whenever they want, wherever they roam.
  • Tracking - Analytics matter, it’s critical for determining whether your website is actually doing its job. The final design includes functionality to gauge key indicators such as traffic, goals, and conversions.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) - We don’t underestimate the power of optimising your site for both browsers and humans. We help you develop compelling, readable content for your followers, and for the search engines, we always include the all important on-page SEO tags and elements, including schema and XML sitemaps.
  • A Content Management System (CMS) - Consistently publishing fresh, original content not only captivates your audience, but delivers valuable, long-term digital marketing momentum. We always recommend incorporating a CMS behind the  design so you can post and edit content as and when required.
  • Conversion optimisation - We implement tools for creating campaign landing pages into your design. These designated pages can keep your readers moving through your site and direct them to schedule an appointment, request a product demonstration or make a purchase.
  • Email marketing - Yes, email marketing is still in fashion - and highly effective at what it does. Your site’s email capture forms are developed to synchronise with your email marketing system for seamless access and connection.
  • Social media - We never want you to miss an opportunity to leverage the power of social media, so we integrate all relevant platform access points within your site's design. Users can then quickly access your social media channels from the website, instantly broadening your brand’s reach and helping to increase visibility and traffic.
  • Strong security - We never compromise on website security. Every site includes fundamental security and privacy protocols, such as security checks to protect client and user data.

Eonic attempt to make every site we build as state-of-the-art as we can, which is a pretty tough call given the rapid and frequent technological changes within the modern world we live. However, we stay abreast of all things digital and stuff to watch out for includes:

  • Progressive web apps - Many savvy web developers, intrigued by the impact apps have had on mobile media platforms, have successfully blended the very best web and app features into a hybrid known as Progressive Web Apps (PWA). You can expect to see PWAs out in full force throughout 2018. As a developer, consider including various features into your design such as splash screens, push notifications, and animated page transitions to elevate overall UX.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence - Yes, really. Artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic, high-tech term and has successfully worked its way into our everyday vernacular and online experience. Don’t believe us? Have you ever posed a question to Siri or Alexa? We rest our case. Adobe’s Sensei is delivering AI tools to various web design platforms worldwide, making it a more accessible, available resource.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) - This involves extending Internet connectivity beyond standard devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, to any range of traditionally dumb or non-internet-enabled physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with technology, these devices can communicate and interact over the Internet, and be remotely monitored and controlled. A good example of IoT in use today is Smart Home devices that give the user the ability to remotely control their central heating, lighting and other devices.

Eonic are future-focused, but operate in the here-and-now. We take tomorrow's world and build it into today's solutiuons.