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Eonic's cart  plugin is tremendously configurable. We'll discuss your requirements and design a system that allows you to effectively and efficiently sell your products.


Open all hours...


Unlike most bricks 'n' mortar shops, an Ecommerce website is open 24/7, 365 days a year. We'll ensure you can track each and every product's sales in Google Analytics and provide you with reports on each transaction. Our integrated, branded emails allow you to carry through a professional image from sale to delivery, giving your customers confidence in you and your brand.

Our ability to integrate with different accounting, stock control, and other systems means that your entire operation can be easily managed, saving you time and money whilst providing your customers with a better service.


Bespoke cart process


Getting customers easily through your cart process can increase sales.

We'll work with you to create an efficient shopping cart that gathers the details you need and keeps the process simple for customers.




Eoniccart allows you to manage repeat billing for subscriptions.

Subscriptions can automatically allow or deny users access to valuable content, discounts, and courses when linked with Eonicmembership .


Delivery methods


Choose the delivery methods that work for you and your customers.

Calculate shipping by price, weight, item quantity, order value, delivery country, or size. 


Google products


Specify a Google Products feed for even more sales!

Google Products show up within the search engine results pages and can dramatically increase your sales.


International options


Easily calculate shipping, VAT and other options to enable you to conduct an international operation.

Combine Eoniccart   with our multi-language system to allow you to sell internationally in different languages.


OpenQuote integration


Our ecommerce system caters for complex product quotes. Insurance quoteations may require many variables be combined to calculate a price. To enable this, we are partnered with Applied Industrial Logic - developers of the OpenQuote suite of software - to offer a platform that enables products such as this to go online in record time.


Bespoke product layouts


You choose how you want your products to be displayed.

Create bespoke layouts and add related images, tags, products or documents to give your customers the information they need.




Flexible discount rules for special offers, multi-buy savings and much more...

Discount rules can be created for individual products, savings on a total amount, free shipping or for user groups.


Product kits


Group single items together to create product kits.

Allow multiple purchases with just one click by grouping your products together and setting lower prices for those buying the whole kit.


Full analytics integration


Track the return on your investment using Google Analytics.

We'll set up your Google Analytics code to track the e-commerce section of your site so you can analyse each purchase.


Branded email templates


Consistent and professional branding throughout the process.

Use our branded email templates for order confirmations to give your company the professional edge.


Ticket booking


Combine the  Eonicweb events module with ecommerce to get ticket booking.

Easily set the number of tickets available for each event, time slot or day, so you'll never over book an event.


Product reviews


Allow customers to review or rate your products.

Reviews are indexed by search engines increasing your ranking and the probability that customers will purchase.


Accounting integration


Tie all your information together and avoid duplicate data entry.

We can integrate our ecommerce system with your accounting system to ensure every order is processed as efficiently as possible.