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WordPress migration

Moving home...


Just like moving to another city, migrating a website from Wordpress can be a bothersome experience. But also like relocating, it's usually done for good reasons, such as ease of use, better features & functionality, increased security and so on.


Time to move on...


Your business situation will be unique. Perhaps you're replacing your WordPress CMS and need to take a lot of content along with you, and it doesn’t look like the process can be easily automated. You might be transitioning to a responsive web design where your current content simply won’t integrate well into smartphone or tablet formats.  Or, you might be consolidating two or more websites, overhauling an existing information architecture (IA), deploying a new content strategy, integrating a legacy system, or all of the above!

These processes will all require varying levels of technical and strategic content solutions, involving everyone from to content owners and content creators to IT. Whatever the circumstances, Eonic are here to help, guide and deliver.

The move itself...

Anyone who's been involved with site migration has probably heard the theory that it will result in less traffic and decreased revenue. We say, "Not so! " It's entirely possible to migrate without losing any traffic or revenue; you can even enjoy significant growth right after launching a revamped website! However, this can only be achieved if every single step is well-planned and executed. And that's exactly what Eonic the letter...including:

  • Scope & planning
  • Pre-launch preparation
  • Pre-launch testing
  • Launch day actions
  • Post-launch testing
  • Performance reviews

Not that you'll have to overly concern yourself with any of the following points, but we thought you'd like to know some of the do's and don'ts Eonic adhere to...

  • We inform our SEO team (and yours if you have one) of our plans before rolling any changes into production to help retain as much traffic as possible
  • We don't implement a blanket redirect of all page URLs to only one page, section, or URL of the new site
  • We do implement a page-to-page '301 redirect' to retain as much traffic as possible
  • We test one section of a site before rolling out changes to the entire site. We only move your entire site when we're confident new pages from the test site are appearing as expected in search results
  • We use a permanent '301 redirects' to point each old or changed page URL to the new corresponding page URL
  • We sometimes keep the same directory structure to make it easier to redirect links when changing a domain name
  • We check both internal and external links as well as update any legacy links that point to the old site
  • We retain control of the old site domain for at least 180 days and maintain redirects for the same time period
  • We do  create '404 error pages' so that when errors occur, visitors receive a message helping them navigate to the new page
  • We keep both the old and new sites verified in our webmaster tools and review crawl errors regularly to ensure redirects are working properly

Taking your stuff with you...

Content does not just consist of the text and images appearing on a web page. Content constitutes everything on your website and managed through your existing CMS, from web page text to links, file types, metadata and permissions. Before migrating, Eonic will collate an inventory that lists every single type of content on your old site, where and how it is stored and how we will treat this content during migration.

We take the pain, whilst your business makes the gain.