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Web strategy

It's about understanding...


Having a clearly defined, sharply focused web strategy is, without doubt, your business' path to online success. For that to happen, you need to truly understand your customers and their requirements, and that's exactly what our Discovery consultancy uncovers.


Your web strategy shouldn't be a game of Risk


In most of today's organisations, there are many ideas of what constitutes a web and/or digital strategy. A marketing guy or gal will quite often see a digital strategy as social media and web channels. An IT bod may see a digital strategy as cloud services. An operations exec could see it as data analytics. An R&D dude would see it as online products and a financial person will possibly see it as online revenue channels...the list goes on.

Attend any industry conference, read any analyst report or article, and one can be forgiven for assuming the whole world is being digitised right before your eyes. If you feel your organisation is woefully lagging or confused in this space, take heart; Eonic are here to help you unravel what's important to your business, your customers and your company's future in digital.

Websites, e-commerce and social media have been commonplace for well over a decade. In fact, some companies have had websites for more than two decades. Surely, after 20 years, everyone and everything should be "digitally" transformed by now? Well, not necessarily...

...there are actually more elements that come into play, that are still fairly recent in the overall timeline. It's only in the last five years that cloud computing has become a huge part of the digital equation. It offers a way to abstract, automate and add processes and capabilities that may have previously been beyond your organisation's grasp. A side benefit of cloud that doesn't get a lot of credit is the fact that cloud providers are baking accumulated knowledge or best practices about digital processes into their offerings, which then can be shared and accessed across their client base. The path to digital may have already been laid out. Related to cloud are API offerings, which are specific functions, available online, that can be plugged into processes and applications; an area Eonic are expert in.

The other important piece of the digital equation - something that only emerged in the past two or three years - is the adoption of data analytics and building analytical thinking into all levels of business decisions. Eonic were quick to recognise that there isn't a single, one-size-fits-all solution, which makes what we do through our in-depth consultancy even more important. We've evolved with the times and our team regularly pull insights from all the data swirling around to deliver a detailed, intelligence-based, appropriate and entirely bespoke digital web strategy for your business. A strategy that works.