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Turning visitors into customers...


Today’s customer is more discerning, frugal and informed than ever before, leaving many businesses wondering how to convert leads. The short answer to this dilemma is to change the focus of your products or services; to shift from selling to solving problems.


For Eonic, conversion is not just about identifying how users convert. It’s about understanding why they convert and, crucially, why they don’t. Implementing subtle yet significant changes based on rigorous testing can ultimately shape the online customer experience. By understanding customer behaviour and defining usability, we optimise the customer experience to maximise your RoI.

We use visual content, special offers and sales enablement to convert leads into sales, but ultimately, after providing your prospective customer with plenty of information and support, you need to ask for the's business development 101. Eonic incorporate clear calls-to-action such as “buy now”, “add to cart”, "join here" and "subscribe" buttons as an invitation for the customer to engage and convert.

Here at Eonic, we don't assume or presume anything. In our bid to provide you with maximum value from your time working with us, we ask questions of your business that other agencies shy away from, like:

  • What processes, systems and guidelines are already in place in to ensure that your business is properly handling new leads and converting them into customers? Does it include processes to keep track of all your leads throughout the buying cycle?
  • How do you deal with long-term leads? This is the consumer who isn’t ready to buy straight away; invariably at the beginning of the sales cycle and just starting to research their options. They might take weeks or even months before making a purchasing decision. Your industry will often dictate if they’re a long-term lead. For example, consumers looking to remodel a kitchen, rent a new flat, or buy a new car might want to compare prices, visit different showrooms and rental properties, test drive different vehicle models etc. The best way to determine a consumer’s purchasing timeline is to simply ask them. It’s important that you continue to keep in touch with your long-term leads through touch-point phone calls, lead nurturing emails and social media 'chatter', so you remain on their radar.
  • How good is your company at lead nurturing? This process can often be automated; sending new leads a series of emails that contain various types of content to keep them interested in your business. “Buy One, Get One Free” (BOGOF) coupons are a classic technique or educational content, like explaining the latest trends in your industry and how can they bring value to your prospect. The goal of lead nurturing is to stay in your leads' consciousness so they eventually choose your business instead of someone else's.

It's through gaining this deep and detailed understanding that we can help you develop better customer conversion strategies, which can dramatically boost your business for a relatively small outlay. There’s not much point generating more leads if your existing conversion process results in those hard-won enquiries falling through the cracks. Many businesses are already generating all the leads and prospects they need, but are unwittingly losing their sales opportunities, and pouring money down the drain.

In these circumstances you may not actually NEED additional leads or prospects at all, but rather better strategies for converting a larger proportion of your prospects into customers.

Online lead conversion strategies come in many and varied forms, but some that can be employed include:

  • Capture and logging prospect information
  • Video demonstrations
  • Winning awards
  • Lead prospects to the outcome they desire
  • Republishing and distributing blog articles
  • Extraordinary guarantees
  • Sequential marketing messages
  • Gathering and displaying testimonials
  • 'Try before you buy' offers