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Takahashi UK

"Telescopes and mounts for amateurs and professionals alike"

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The brief

Takahashi UK specialise in supplying equipment, advice and technical support for charged couple devices (CCD) imaging and general astronomy. They also have many years experience in the use of a wide variety of instrumentation and telescopes and are happy to assist and provide general advice.Their product line includes:

  • Refracting telescopes

  • Reflecting telescopes

  • Mountings

  • Focal reducers

  • Extenders

  • Adaptors

  • Accessories

The company is a subsidiary of IanKingImaging Ltd and are based out of Goudhurst and Paddock Wood in Kent.

Takahashi required a website that:
  • Showcased their considerable range of advanced optical products
  • Was easy to manage both content and product inventories
  • Had an Ecommerce facility

Our solution

Eonic designed and built a highly bespoke Ecommerce website with very specific, intricate product listings. These had to cross-sell other items, accessories and attachments in order for the customer to be able to have full usability of their optical equipment. Eonic were instrumental in developing the strategy that facilitated the user-journey from visitor to customer with a shopping-cart that contains the equipment they require.