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Trevor Spink

Software development, strategy & technology


Trevor is the founder of Eonic and chief architect of ProteanCMS (formerly EonicWeb 5), Eonic's powerful and flexible content management system. He's still very much involved with its development and can also be found working on our more complex client solutions.

Having worked on delivering web solutions for more than 20 years (he first started building sites for Netscape 1.1), Trevor is expert in building online success. Prior to Eonic he ran the web development and support team for his previous employer. He has gained project management experience, as well as being client facing in sales support, business analysis and E-business consultancy.

Trevor is a highly skilled developer in the field of online applications. Having been lead developer for a whole host of web applications and sites, his knowledge extends through all aspects of N-tier applications, front-end design, components, database schemas and procedures.

Over time, he's accrued a lot of great personal recommendations...

"Enjoyed my time working for Trevor at Eonic; he's a very approachable manager and looks after his staff well ensuring they feel valued. Trevor's knowledge of all things web is second to none. EonicWeb, the CMS system that Trevor has written and developed, is a powerful tool and on par with some of the other open-source CMS systems I'm familiar with. Eonic's clients found it intuitive and very easy to use. When I worked  there, the team were young, knowledgeable and best of all very passionate about their work; I did enjoy those days!"

Nikki Laker, Multi-Channel Marketing Manager at Infinity Group UK

"I hired Trevor and Eonic during my time at Buss Murton. They did a great job on the web site. More recently Trevor and his team have worked alongside us on the VCA Consultancy site; the results speak for themselves. Trevor will give candid opinion and being a "techie" as well, knows what works."

Tim Cocking, Director at VCA Consultancy

"I have worked with Trevor on several projects where Eonic have provided integrated websites to our business software. Trevor is professional, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to partner with."

Sean Connolly, Owner at Leopard Tree Felling

"Focus is always a good attribute to have in business and I have found Trevor to be very focused in all his business dealings. He has the ability to take the briefing, plan the path and then execute the task. I would recommend Trevor and his team at Eonic for being competent, focused and able to deliver value and advantage for your business."

Nigel Devenish, former MD at Altkon

"Trevor has a great company to provide you with an up-to-date website, I wouldn't use anyone else! Also can give you great presence on the web."

Andy Walter, Director at On Call Carpets Ltd

"Trevor is dedicated to helping people get results from the web. He can be trusted to tell you honestly and frankly what you need to do. Trevor simply walked me through the process of setting up a web site for my business, Team Voyage at the time, the outcome and results delivered ROI. The final outcome was that I've believed in his product and service sufficiently to a set up the first remote office for his company."

Simon Coates, Independent Sales and Marketing Consultant

"Trevor and his team at Eonic have provided an unrivalled service for the production of our website and hosting service. The depth of knowledge and support available and readily provided is a credit to Trevor and his organisation."

Patrick Thomson, Owner at Wealden Engineering Services Ltd

"Eonic's website construction tools are simple to use and effective to obtain what we wanted to display. Trevor and Chris work well as a team and compliment each others skills well. We only chose the "Bronze" level of website system, but for us it has been a very good investment."

Mark Dodd MBCS CITP, Head of Business at Consolidata and Co-Founder at Consolidata Labs

"Trevor designed my company website, enabling me to edit and update its contents without any knowledge of web building. This system has made it a simple and inexpensive way to update my website at any time."

Gregory Spink at Valet PRO Ltd

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ProteanCMS sees its latest upgrade

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