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Steve Cooper

Business development, social media & strategy


Steve joined Eonic in 2018 and is an experienced and innovative digital technology director with sophisticated marketing, sales, account handling, commercial, operational and management skills. He's worked within all areas of the digital arena – Web, TV, Mobile and more recently, the Internet of Things (IoT). He's also produced and managed award-winning projects such as, for which he won BT's Big Chip accolade and

Steve's been a guest speaker and panel member at several conferences, including NAB and Midem. He has extensive experience across many sectors, including sports, entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, tourism, leisure, insurance, media, engineering, local authorities and government.

Steve's accrued some glowing testimonials over his lengthy career in digital...

"Steve built the audio visual department at Eunite from scratch; he was instrumental in this endeavour and quickly developed the department into one of the most profitable in the company. A great accomplishment in any organisation, made even more admirable considering this was achieved in a high pressure start up environment, with limited resources. Skilled and expert in his field, he combines this expertise with a real flair for sales / marketing and general management. Good fun to work with too."

Andy Ashley, International Marketing Director at Digital Element

"Watching Steve championing a lead-tracking software to high-end, automotive and blue chip companies was akin to watching a demonstration on how things should be done. Steve chased down potential leads with a determination known only to the strongest while his business acumen and client interaction marked him as a cut above."

Tony Hill, Senior Account Manager at Visarc

"Steve was a pleasure to work with on campaigns. He is a well organised and driven individual with a wide knowledge set of the industry. He is a born leader and someone who I would gladly recommend to others straight away."

Lee Holdsworth, CEO at WhiteNoise Media

"I worked with Steve at Eunite a number of years ago. I always found Steve to be highly professional, and dedicated to the company and his role. Steve always made time for his colleagues and the people he managed, and was very positive and level headed at even the most stressful times.
Steve is very affable, sociable and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him."

Dominic Torrisi, Software Development Manager at Lookers PLC

"I have no hesitation in recommending Steve. Always perceptive and professional, he’s an invaluable guy to have as part of or leading a team."

Mark Ripley, CEO at Psygnomi

"I have known Steve and had the pleasure of working with him for years and find him to be an excellent person to do business with. He explains requirements clearly, does not hold back with the specifics and keeps you informed every step of the way.
My experience of him on his side of the business has been that he is a result focused sales director with a solid understanding of his market. If I ever need a digital marketing campaign launched, I will definitely be approaching Steve for advice."

Tom King, Recruitment Consultant at Seeking Opportunities

"Although I didn't report into Steve, I did work with him on a number of projects whilst at Eunite. His passion for his work, attention to detail and subsequent successes in roles post Eunite clearly demonstrate Steve's value to an organisation."

Riman Verma, Digital Marketing Professional at the Arriva Group

"Steve is an inspiring sales professional and entrepreneur. For Eunite he founded the streaming and AV department and was instrumental in bringing new customers on board. Steve excels at both winning new business and developing existing accounts."

Adrian Moss, Chief Operating Officer at Intechnica

"A real asset to the company, hard working and very good at his job."

Keith Heywood, Director at Payroll and Accountancy Services Ltd

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